What is the delivery period?

A package will be delivered in 3-4 weeks during the AirMail option, and 4-9 business days during the EMS.

Is a prescription needed?

No, it is not.

How many pills can I buy?

We do not place limits. You may buy as many pills as you need.

Who may buy medicines?

Only adults may buy medicines. We do not sell medications to children.

How do you pack the pills?

The pills come in blisters. A blister may have 8, or 4, or 10 pills. We then put the blisters into solid envelope. We use only strong and quality packing materials.

What medications do you offer?

We offer brand drugs and Generic drugs.

Why do you have such low prices?

We work directly with the manufacturers, and the pills are supplied right from their factories. The factories are located in India. We sell medical products online, and so we do not use big spaces for our employees. It means that we do not have to pay for rent. Therefore, all items are offered at real prices, without extra charges.

How to order?

Ordering is very simple. Select a needed number of the pills, add them to a shopping cart. Click on pay for the order, and then enter your bank details. Then you will have to enter your address and name. Our website has a simple navigation, and hints will be displayed during different stages of the order.

How to contact you?

Go to Contact Us page to know more details.

How to pay for the order?

You have to enter your name and your credit card number. All data is secured. The needed sum will be automatically charged from your card. If you have any issues, please, contact our customer support.

What payment systems do you use?

We work with international payment systems such as MasterCard and Visa. We also accept E-checks. And a payment by means of cryptocurrency may be also possible.

Do you have any discounts?

Regular customers get 10% off. Some seasonal discounts are offered from time to time. Moreover, we offer a free shipment in case of ordering at the sum of more than $200.

What should I do if my package was lost?

If this situation has happened, contact us as soon as possible. We will offer you a refund or will send another package with the same pills free of charge.

Will customs open my package?

Customs may open packages and envelopes, if they seem suspicious to them. In most cases, our envelopes are not opened.

How to take a medicine?

Before buying any pills, we highly recommend you to see a doctor. Only doctor will prescribe you a correct dosage for your case and tell you how to take the drug. Also, a product instruction may be found in the pack. Avoid self-treatment!

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