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Allergy – summer without problems

Here it is – the summer that we have all been waiting for. Here are sleepless nights, hot days and the invigorating feeling of sunlight pouring through your veins. Here are girls in bikinis, refreshments on every corner, and the smell of molten asphalt that haunts you. Here, after all, kebabs, festivals and the desire not to get out of the water until the first stars appear in the sky.

Summer – as it is, with all its mosquitoes, midday heat and work in the garden (at least for those who have it), perhaps we do not wait so much for any other season of the year, we do not part with any of them so hard, and even more so, we do not strive to meet again with any one at the first opportunity, even if for this it is necessary to cross seas and continents.

That is why it is so offensive when, due to some allergy, you have to lose such precious days, when the plans that you have been building over the past few months are in jeopardy, because all the same, you will not get any positive emotions in such a state, but here it will be possible for sure to finally hate the world.

No one can completely exclude the possibility of its appearance, if only because humanity has not completely decided what, in fact , we have an allergy . Here, either the ecology is too bad (that is, we have all so polluted that soon this problem will seem like flowers), or vice versa (everyone is so concerned about protecting health that our immunity begins to fight harmless particles, because it does not know how to fight at all ). One way or another, even if you have not had an allergy for 40 years, this does not mean at all that, once, resting on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, you will not feel all the delights of this disease. On the other hand, maybe you won’t, most likely you won’t, but who wants to take risks?  

One way or another, despite the fact that it is necessary to treat allergies under the supervision of a doctor, who will first send you to pass all kinds of tests, and then prescribe a course of antihistamines, you can get rid of the symptoms so that you do not remember the ailment right now on the spot. For this, there is a drug Polysorb , which cleans the body of accumulated allergens, removing, as they say, the effect, and without touching the cause. But, you see, sometimes this also needs to be done. 

One way or another, but after all, I’m talking about saving the summer, and in order to thoroughly heal, it will be possible to single out several especially rainy and rainy days. Let nothing stand between you and the summer, let nothing prevent you from realizing the craziest ideas and desires (I do not mean killing kittens and robbing banks), and if an allergy suddenly dares to stand in the way of your summer, let Polysorb deal with it !

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