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Allergy. How to get through this time with minimal discomfort

It has happened, comrades, we still survived this winter and only warmer weather awaits us ahead. Outside the window, spring, buds bloom on the branches of trees, snow is no longer everywhere and you will find, and only numerous streams and garbage that appeared from nowhere are reminiscent of the former cold.

However, this is undoubtedly a joyful time, and it does not remain so for everyone, because spring is also melt water, these are standard flu epidemics, this is an exacerbation of allergies. Allergy is a hypersensitive reaction of our immunity with periodic exposure to an allergen, according to the WHO, every fifth inhabitant of our planet is susceptible to these diseases and their number is constantly growing.  

Many argue about the reasons for the spread of the disease, some say that a person, like any animal, needs external stimuli, and our society is built on the eternal striving for absolute sterility, which forces the defense mechanisms built into us to attack “on their own”, that is, harmless , in general, particles.

According to others, our world, on the contrary, is polluted, too polluted by factories, cars, explosions and radiation, we produce too much, not fully understanding what effect a particular representative of household chemicals will have on the body, what will result in the purchase of a harmless cosmetic product or sleep on another trendy mattress.

However, adherents of both versions still cannot explain why the same substances do not have any effect on some people, but completely deprive others of their legal capacity. Why, under absolutely identical conditions, a substance that is deadly for a grandson can faithfully serve grandfather and father for more than a dozen years.

One way or another, both of them agree that the only way to live normally in these conditions is at worst to minimize, and at best to completely remove the effect of the allergen on the body. For this purpose, enterosorbents of a new generation, such as, for example, Polysorb MP , are best suited . Of course, enterosorbents cannot replace antihistamines and they cannot cure the disease . But they must be used in complex therapy in order to reduce the intoxication of the body, neutralize the negative effects of drugs and cleanse the body of allergens accumulated in it, no one can better enterosorbens . Polysorb is distinguished by the best indicators on the sorbing surface, it is safe for children and pregnant women and, unlike the same activated carbon, does not injure the intestinal mucosa. 

Allergy is dangerous because of its complications and it is very important not to abandon its treatment by consulting with specialists in a timely manner. Do not allow illness to rob yourself of the joy of the awakening nature.

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