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Sex allergy – myth or reality

Recently, a study was conducted in the Netherlands to determine the causes of unexplained illness. This ailment has been reported by men and women, with symptoms occurring immediately after orgasm.

Symptoms of the disease, obtained after having sex with the condition of having an orgasm, were observed in people for a week. Patients were admitted with complaints that after sexual intercourse their health sharply deteriorated. This manifested itself in exhaustion of the body, fatigue, cramps and painful sensations in the eyes, sore throat, spasms in muscle tissue, increased sweating. In some cases, a fever and an increase in body temperature were added to the listed symptoms. The most interesting thing is that these signs manifested themselves in people not just during sex, but only after having an orgasm.

Doctors believe that all of these symptoms indicate an allergic reaction caused by orgasm. Allergy, in their opinion, may be due to the production during sexual discharge of special hormones that act on the human body as an irritant. The problem is considered very serious, since if a person at least once after orgasm encountered these symptoms, then in the future he may begin to avoid sexual intercourse. And this, in turn, leads to the development of complexes and other problems with physical and mental health.  

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