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Allergies to cats should be a thing of the past

In the United States, one of the companies selling pets has launched a very interesting campaign that will delight cat lovers and allergy sufferers all rolled into one. The American company Allerca began selling hypoallergenic cats. The cost of one individual is crazy by domestic standards – $ 3950. Despite the fact that the price exceeds the capabilities of many Americans, there is already a decent line for these kittens. The company announced this invention two years ago, and the date of the new “product” entering the market was to be realized in 2007.

Development began in 2004, when the company’s specialists decided to breed a pet breed that would not produce the specific protein Fel d1, to which some people have a strong allergy. It is found in saliva, fur, and feline skin. The company initially wanted to get rid of this protein genetically, but then it was proposed to test cat breeds for the activity of this protein. In each of the cat breeds, there are specimens that are deprived of this protein due to natural characteristics.

Found “hypoallergenic” specimens were used as a basis for creating a new breed that will not cause allergies in humans. At first, kittens were not entirely safe for allergy sufferers, the nose was suppressed by generations and subsequent crossing. Now these cats do not carry the danger of picking up allergies. All cats carry the trademark Allerca GD ( genetic divergences ), which indicates that these cats naturally do not carry the allergen protein. 

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