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An Englishman is allergic to his own wife

The Englishman claims that he suffers from an allergy caused by his own spouse. According to him, as soon as the wife gets closer, the patient’s body swells from edema.

In fact, a 40-year-old Gloucestershire resident is allergic not to his spouse, but to her cream, the components of which irritate the patient’s mucous membrane and respiratory tract.

In turn, the patient’s wife cannot refuse to use this cream, since it is her only treatment for psoriasis. And, meanwhile, upon contact with this agent, the pulse of an Englishman begins to accelerate, sometimes the heart can even stop, the body becomes covered with spots and edema. 

At the same time, doctors found that the patient also suffers from an allergy to a certain component, which is used in almost all cosmetic creams. For this reason, the patient may experience severe discomfort when visiting public places, since one has only to approach a person who has recently applied any cream, as an Englishman begins an allergic attack.

Such a strange and excruciating allergy was discovered when an Englishman was injected with irritants. Doctors are still wondering how to help a person cope with this type of allergy. So far, all measures consist only in the fact that the patient always and everywhere has drugs with him to stop an allergic attack.

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