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Allergy to cell phones

 In a new study conducted by American scientists from New York, different phone models were tested for the presence of nickel and cobalt. It turned out that some people are allergic to these metals. It can manifest itself as reddening of the skin, blistering, swelling and itching where the metal touches the skin.

After examining the products of famous brands, scientists found that many BlackBerry phones contain both metals, but iPhones and Androids do not contain either of them.

The researchers found that wear and tear on the device can cause the protective paint layer to wear off and the metal shows up, showing a positive reaction to nickel. On the BlackBerry, nickel was found mostly on keyboards.

The question arises: what should allergy sufferers do if they do not want to give up using the phone model they like? Doctors say that if the allergy is not very severe, cases and headphones can be successfully used. Otherwise, there is no choice but to purchase a nickel and cobalt free model.

Research In Motion, a manufacturer of BlackBerry devices, got acquainted with the results of the study. Company spokeswoman Christa Sedgevis said Research In Motion is already taking steps to address the problem by redesigning devices so that metal allergens cannot be found on the surface of the device. She said nickel is commonly used in electronics for soldering and plating parts. 

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