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Allergy of newborns

The optimal food for a newborn baby is mother’s breast milk. However, it is not uncommon for newborns to be allergic to breast milk. Allergy in newborns may indicate that the nursing mother has eaten something to which the infant’s body has responded with an allergic reaction.

Allergies of newborns can be triggered by the mother’s consumption of honey, citrus fruits, nuts, strawberries, fatty meat and other foods. Of course, children can react with allergies to other foods. The fact is that the body of each baby is unique and allergic reactions can manifest themselves, in fact, to anything.

If the baby has already been introduced to complementary foods or the breastfeeding mother is only planning to feed the baby with mixtures and suspects that a newborn’s allergy may develop, then first of all it is necessary to consult a pediatric allergist in order to avoid complications of children’s allergies. An experienced specialist will resolve the issue of the presence of an allergy in the baby, which could be transmitted, for example, by genetic inheritance, if any. In addition, the child will undergo specific allergy tests, which will show which foods the body responds to with an allergic reaction. Allergy in newborn babies is caused by the presence of cow’s milk protein in the diet, which is present in all milk cereals for babies. Other babies are allergic to casein , which is found in mother’s breast milk substitutes.

With the development of an allergy in newborns to cow’s milk, it is necessary to exclude milk porridge from the baby’s diet. It is not worth worrying about the child ‘s lack of nutrients, since the prohibition of milk cereals is not forever, but only until the baby survives an allergy to its protein.

If a child is on a diet with a breast milk substitute, if an allergic reaction to casein is detected, doctors strongly recommend replacing it with a hydrolyzate . Such baby food, of course, is more expensive, but it is considered a therapeutic measure, and for any mother, nothing is more valuable than the health of her child.

If you find an allergy in a newborn baby, you should not start using ointments or any other hormonal-based drugs. Such medications are usually prescribed only as a last resort, for example, when diagnosing atopic dermatitis. It may be that at the pediatrician’s appointment, the baby has only minor rashes on the skin, and the doctor will diagnose atopic dermatitis. In such a situation, it is necessary to seek confirmation from a dermatologist-allergist.

If for a long time allergic manifestations in a newborn are detected for a certain product, then this product must be completely excluded from the daily menu of a nursing mother or the baby himself, at least for several months.

A mother, whose baby suffers from newborn allergies, needs to be extremely careful and careful when drawing up her child’s diet. New products are introduced literally one gram at a time, in the process of which the child’s condition is constantly monitored. At the same time, you should not limit the children’s menu to only those products that are not considered causative agents of allergic reactions. You can give your child baby puree containing, for example, plums or cherries – these berries rarely cause allergies.

In the process of preparing baby food on your own, vegetables must be soaked in cold water before boiling. Give the child only secondary meat broth.

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