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Allergies: Safe Treatment Without Side Effects

Up to 35% of the population of our country suffer from allergic diseases. What to do? Sneezing, blushing and itching or sleeping at work from the side effects of antiallergic drugs? Allow the child the forbidden orange or limit his diet for the rest of his life? Such questions are often asked by people suffering from allergic diseases. You will not envy parents who have to put up with the sad diagnoses of allergists and dermatologists: diathesis, allergies, atopic dermatitis. Let’s look at the very nature of allergic reactions and the main methods of their treatment. 

“Painting” people with spots on the skin, forcing them to sneeze and cry, blow their nose and itch, allergic diseases manifest themselves at the first opportunity, as soon as we face our allergen – a substance that causes us allergies.

Anything can act as an allergen: dust, animal hair, food, drugs, insect bites and even cold.

The cause of an allergic reaction is the individual sensitivity of the body to certain substances. Upon initial contact with this substance – an allergen, the so-called sensitization of the body occurs, i.e. antibodies are produced in the blood. And with repeated exposure to this substance, a complex biochemical reaction occurs, as a result of which active substances are released into the blood, which lead to various allergic manifestations: itching and redness, swelling of the skin, the appearance of blisters on it, lacrimation, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, and sometimes, and to the development of life-threatening conditions, laryngeal edema and anaphylactic shock, requiring qualified medical care. In some cases, the predisposition to allergies is inherited, while the likelihood of this is quite high. If one of the parents suffers from one or another type of allergy, then the probability that the child will inherit this disease reaches 30%. The same figure will be twice as high if both parents are prone to allergies. 

Be that as it may, once an allergy to any substance appears, as a rule, it persists for life. But the good news is that today in the arsenal of doctors there are a number of highly effective drugs that can not only fight acute conditions, but also provide reliable prevention of allergic reactions. For this purpose, the so-called antihistamines are mainly used, which reduce the severity of the allergic reaction. The most famous of them are Suprastin, Diphenhydramine, Diazolin . The most common side effect of these drugs is increased drowsiness, which is especially dangerous for vehicle drivers. In more severe cases, hormonal drugs are used, their side effects can be even more significant. Therefore, they are used in cases where other drugs are ineffective. 

However, medicine does not stand still. And now more and more specialists are prescribing to their patients a drug that does not belong to any of the already mentioned classes – Polysorb MP . It does not cause drowsiness and does not affect the overall hormonal background. This drug is an enterosorbent , it binds and removes from the body various toxic substances, including allergens. Polysorb MP has passed clinical trials and has proven its effectiveness both in the prevention of allergic reactions and in the treatment of acute conditions. This drug is especially effective for food allergies and diathesis – its regular intake effectively reduces the frequency of allergic manifestations. And since Polysorb MP is a completely natural drug, there are practically no side effects. Only in rare cases is constipation noted, which usually does not require discontinuation of the drug. In such cases, it is recommended to drink more fluids or use mild laxatives. Polysorb MP is completely eliminated from the body (i.e., does not enter the bloodstream), and therefore it is safe even for pregnant women and babies. With Polysorb MP at hand , sometimes you can even afford the “forbidden fruit” to which you are allergic. Just take this sorbent with a dangerous product immediately, and it will not allow the allergen to manifest itself. The same can be done if the child suddenly ate the forbidden orange, tangerine or chocolate bar. Do not expect an allergic reaction, give it Polysorb MP right away .    

It is necessary to take Polysorb MP for the treatment and prevention of allergies and diseases with an allergic component (food allergies , including diathesis , urticaria, dermatitis , eczema, psoriasis, bronchial asthma, obstructive pulmonary diseases) in an average daily dosage. When providing first aid for acute allergic reactions, the doses are doubled, in the first hours the drug is taken every hour. To prevent seasonal exacerbations of allergies, it is recommended to drink a course of treatment 10 days before the start of the season or every 3 months.      

Use the safe enterosorbent Polysorb MP in the treatment and prevention of allergic diseases , and do not let allergies ruin your life!

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